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Being one of our major service and installation package, teleconferencing is one of the world's most advanced technology in this age. Its most basic advantage is its potential to reduce the cost of group meetings. Savings come primarily from reduced travel costs.
Some more advantages to teleconferencing are:

  • Attend a business meeting hundreds of miles away without leaving your office
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Reduce travel time requirements
  • Schedule meetings minutes ahead of time instead of days or weeks
  • Keep in touch with other branches of your business
  • We install and maintain these beautiful pieces of hardware for as long as you subscribe.

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    Computers have simplified the task of analyzing vast amounts of data, and they can be invaluable aids in HR management, from payroll processing to record retention. With computer hardware, software, and databases, organizations can keep records and information better, as well as retrieve them with greater ease. Information Technology (IT) as a structural factor and instrument transforms architects of organizations, business processes and communication and is increasingly integrated into Human Resource Management. While IT is having impact on HR, the managers, employees, customers and suppliers increase their expectancies for HR functions.
    These are the challenges IT will place on HR:

  • New skills required
  • Downsizing
  • Collaborative work
  • Telecommuting
  • Internet and intranet revolution
  • Business environmental change
  • Development of technology
  • Service improvement

    Furthermore, HR professionals can be unsuccessful in adaptation of IT in business, although they know about technology.
  • New HR process requirement due to change in technology
  • New types of working people require for technology advancement
  • Strategic impact
  • New Competencies

    This is where our training program comes in. It also comes to you, your organization, your Church or wherever you are. Getting the knowledge you deserve should not be so hard. We make it happen.

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    VSAT Installation

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    The Very Small Aperture Terminal is a one-way or two-way satellite ground station consisting of a dish antenna smaller than three meters across. The VSAT’s function is to access the signal from a specific orbiting satellite, at which the antenna is pointed, and relay data back and forth from other terminals and hubs. VSAT systems are attractive where the coverage area is large, where quick installation is required and where terrestrial alternatives are difficult to organize. Because of the convenient size, VSAT technology has made satellite communication an attractive and viable option for a wide range of industrial applications, including mobile communications and broadband VSAT. It works in conjunction with the iDirect Modem
    The various benefits of using VSAT are:

  • Availability - easily deployed anywhere in the world
  • Independence - completely wireless, independent of local infrastructure
  • Backup for potential disasters
  • Easy setup - can be setup in less time
  • Strength and speed of the VSAT connection
  • Security – private layer 2 networks over the air
  • Pricing – very affordable
  • Cost-effectiveness – serves the same content to thousands of locations at once for no additional cost
  • Onboard acceleration of protocols – Allows the delivery of high quality connections regardless of latency

  • The Uses of VSAT are vast.
  • Point of Sale systems like shopping malls and eateries
  • Internet access for WiFi at cafés and offices
  • Teleconferencing
  • Broadcasting for TV station vans
  • Financial feeds from stock markets
  • Paging messages

  • If you were worried about the long term maintenance, we handle your maintenance and do regular check-ups for as long as you want to subscribe with us. We handle the cost of materials and their transportation into the country, labor cost for the installation and the maintenance, COT and VAT inclusive.

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    We've also made it easier for you to get your computer related products and not worry about its originality.

  • We buy and make full installation of your PCs and tablets,
  • we set up your home and office routers and CCTV systems, and
  • We fix and maintain your computer systems.

  • Take a look at our products.

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